Who We Are

Our Purpose

Changing your insurance experience for the better.

Our Niche

Helping companies & their leadership teams effectively manage risk.

Proven Process

Stop. Look. Listen. Ask the right questions. We listen, we learn, and we crash test our clients’ businesses before providing solutions.

How We Roll

High G.A.S. Factor (We Give A Sh*t)

We take ownership, show initiative and are proactive.

We own it and do it like we are doing it for ourselves – our clients are our children.

Responsiveness, caring, and empathy.

We do what we say, and finish what we start – in a timely fashion.

Always respectful of other people’s time.

Claim time is where the rubber really meets the road – we are the advocates for our clients.



·         To be real, genuinely dedicated, and committed to the clients’ best interest.

·         We tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear

·         The ability to say no when a prospect or client is not the right fit.

·         Respectful and humbly confident.

·         Not afraid to make mistakes and clean up well if we do.


Team First

·         We aren’t one person and nobody is void of backup and support.

·         Individually, we don’t have all the answers – but collectively, we know where and how to find them.

·         A collaborative approach to all of our clients’ and prospects’ insurance needs.

·         Consistent in our approach for everything we do.


Fun Factor

·         We take our job dead seriously but not ourselves.

·         Find the humour in everything you can – and if you can’t, keep looking.

·         Insurance is just one element of our conversations and interactions.

·         We establish and build long-term partnerships.

·         We want our clients, suppliers, and teammates alike to feel good about working and – where applicable – playing with us.


What’s Unique

·         Our holistic approach.

·         We embrace the customer mindset.

·         Taking the time to explain the market.

·         We simplify and we educate.

·         We offer relevant information for a better understanding of your insurance coverage and needs.

·         You are more than a client – we want a long-term partnership.


The Hubbard Guarantee

·         Thorough understanding of your business

·         Timely and accurate response.

·         Access to appropriate staff.

·         Insurance is not the only answer.

·         You may still not love insurance once we’ve done our thing, but you’ll understand it better and dislike it a lot less. 


About Us

Hubbard Insurance Brokers was founded in January 1987 by Dick Hubbard after having served some 35 years in the insurance brokerage business in Toronto and Montreal. He was joined by his son John in February 1988. John Hubbard has an extensive history in the insurance industry and has been at the helm of our Property and Casualty Division for over 26 years.

Our small, family run brokerage has matured over the years and through the addition of many employees, developed into a very diverse team of insurance professionals. In January 1995, Dick`s eldest son Drew joined as head of the Financial Services Division, using his experience in the health and wellness industry to provide our customers with advice on employee benefits and life insurance.

We are your full service protection provider. We are able to address any insurance or financial service related issue. We view our clients as our most important asset and our personalized attention to your needs allows us to assist when protecting the things that are important to you.

With us you can be rest assured that your insurance is placed with a reputable insurer and that we will be there when you need us! 


Meet Our Team

Commercial Insurance

John Hubbard
Corporate Risk

Bryce W. Elliott
Vice President, Corporate Risk

Lana Da Silva
Commercial Insurance Team Lead

Nancy Mills
Commercial Insurance Advisor

Dipal Shah 
Commercial Insurance Advisor

Navkiran Randhawa
Commercial Insurance Advisor

Effie Dunne
Commercial Insurance TSR



Group Benefits and Life Insurance

Drew Hubbard
Director Corporate Benefits

Sean Hart
Director Life & Living Benefits

Peter Miceli
Group Benefits Specialist

Rosemarie Buckley
Benefits Specialist

Molly Fu
Group Benefits Specialist

Personal Insurance

Elaine Dean
Personal Insurance Team Lead

Christine Joseph 
Personal Insurance Advisor

Maria McCreadie 
Personal Insurance Advisor

Karen Fuentes
Personal Insurance Advisor

Brandon Walker
Personal Insurance Advisor

Jeanette Sangalang-Dela Paz
Personal Insurance Advisor 

Operations and Administration

Joanne Feather
Operations Manager

Rosa Oliveira
Office Administrator

Rasikh Khan 
Marketing Specialist

Chester Villabert
Financial Controller

The Hubbard Advantage

With Hubbard Insurance Group you are provided a holistic approach to protecting everything you value most, from your property and possessions, to your business, and the livelihood of your family and loved ones.

Here are some specific ways you will benefit with Hubbard Insurance Group;

Personal Insurance Advantage

  • Dedicated insurance advisor that assist you from getting a quote to filing a claim
  • Personalized and customised coverage based on your needs
  • Differentiated superior customer service
  • Strong partnerships with many major insurance carriers providing you a wide range of policy options to choose from
  • Keep you aware with up to date information on changes and reforms that affect you
  • Specialized High Net Worth Home Programme with customized coverage

Commercial Insurance Advantage

  • Dedicated insurance advisors and account managers reviewing your exposure to risk and ensuring coverage and proper protection is in place
  • Certificates of Insurance issued within our 2 hour guarantee during regular business
  • Same day confirmation of coverage on endorsements and policy changes
  • Access to more than twenty unique insurance markets offering a competitive survey upon each renewal
  • Pre – claim consultation to protect your insurance record and history to provide your business an objective risk management analysis
  • Online access for documents, policy wordings, certificates and literature

Group Benefits Advantage

  • Review and analysis of your existing benefit program, comparisons are provided in regards to current trends and practices ensuring you have the most effective coverage in place
  • Coverage is designed based on your needs and we work with you in times of change
  • Holistic approach to your corporate benefit program, individual coverage as well as statutory benefits to make sure that the plans are properly integrated
  • Dedicated advisors and specialists working to provide you with up to date information on the group insurance industry, increasing your awareness to taxation, legislation, contract negotiations, compensation agreements, funding arrangements and more
  • Provide the most efficient and lowest cost administration procedures
  • Work with you for speedy handling of claims enhancing the employer – employee relationship


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