5 Tips for Hot Work Fire Prevention

5 Tips for Hot Work Fire Prevention

Hot work (HW) is the process or action that generates open flame or produces heat and/or sparks. Hot Work initiated flames are 100% preventable but is still one of the top causes of industry fires.  

Here are 5 quick tips you can take to prevent fires on your site.

1. The 3 R’s

Restrict (or relocate): Allow HW only in areas designated for maintenance and welding
Re-engineer: Bolting, screws, threaded pipe and any other mechanical connections can be used instead of welding, soldering or brazing. Reciprocating saws or shears can be used as alternatives for blowtorches or spark-generating saws. 
Readiness: An HW permit system should be implemented if none of the above can be done. This permit system should include a formal policy, audits of in-progress HW, and pre- and post-work inspections to improve safety.

2. Walls

HW can be the cause of ignition of combustible walls, partitions, ceilings or roofs. Fire-retardant shields or guards can be provided to prevent this.

3. Enclosed Equipment 

Enclosed Equipment, including Tanks, Containers, Ducts, and Dust Collectors should be kept clean and free of combustibles. Get rid of containers of flammable vapours and liquids, and tests for combustible gases should be done. 

4. Ducts and Conveyor Systems

Prevent sparks from being carried to distant combustibles by either shielding or shutting down Ducts and Conveyor Systems. 

5. Fire Watch

Trained individuals should be on site to do a fire watch whenever HW is performed. 

An important part of protecting your business is to prevent any operations-related losses. Implementing a proper guide to risk control can keep you from avoiding business interruption. For more information, speak to one of our expert insurance advisors by calling today at 1-800-900-2009 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Source: RSA Insurance 


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