Common Group Benefit Plan Myths

Common Group Benefit Plan Myths

Employee benefit plans can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! However, when choosing a benefits plan it is important that you separate fact from fiction.

Here a few myths to watch out for:

There are limited options for small businesses.
This is false and quite the opposite actually. The options for small businesses are diverse and flexible just like how they are for any other large business. 

You need a minimum number of employees to provide benefits.
Benefits can be provided whether you have just one employee or one thousand employees. There is no minimum number. Different levels of coverage are also given based on different circumstances such as job title. 

There is no such thing as too many employee benefits.
Having a large and varied employee benefit plan is important and a great incentive for prospective employees. However, keep in mind that your plan should be balanced and not drain company resources. Instead of paying for a large all-inclusive plan, take a look at creating your own custom plan that is relevant to your business and workforce. 

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Source: Dent Benefits


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