How To Keep Your Car Battery From Dying In The Winter

How To Keep Your Car Battery From Dying In The Winter

Winter can be rough. And it can be especially harsh on your car battery. Here are some tips you can use to prevent your car battery from dying in the winter. 

1. Get it checked before winter

Don’t wait until cold weather to ensure that your battery is functioning properly – especially if your battery is three years or older. You may find yourself on the side of the road on a cold winters night if you wait too long. Get your mechanic to check your battery and electrical system. You can also check your battery yourself by using a voltmeter. 

2. Park indoors

If possible, park your car indoors in your personal garage or parking garage to protect your car battery from those cold frigid temperatures. If your garage has an outlet nearby, you may want to invest in an electric battery warmer to keep your battery warm and insulated. 

3. Stay on top of maintenance

Make sure to stay on track of your vehicle maintenance schedule. This is important especially in the winter. When doing so, you will want to check your battery for any corrosion on the terminals and remove and clean them. You can remove any corrosion by using a damp cloth, water, baking soda and a toothbrush. 

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