How to Spot and Avoid Water Damage

How to Spot and Avoid Water Damage

When it comes to forces of nature, water can do a great deal of damage. Whether it’s a small leak that grows overtime or a cascade that leaves destruction in its wake; the consequences can often be severe. With spring upon us and the environment peaking in wetness, now is the time more than ever to be mindful about water damage and how to prevent it. Ideally, this is an area where you want to recognize problems before they turn into full-blown disasters; so here are some signs that you might have water damage!

The Accumulation of Water

Perhaps the most obvious thing on the list – if you see standing or pooling areas of water, there is a pretty good chance of water damage. In general when an area that is meant to be dry is wet, there is a problem.

Staining or Mold Growth

Slow leaks that are consistent are one of the more dangerous things to have because of how difficult they can be to spot. It’s pretty easy to tell your house has water damage when your door floats past you; but smaller leaks tend to be sneaky and cause long-term damage. A good way to tell if there is a leak in your house, though, is by observing yellow-ish stains that are irregular in shape as well as the presence of mold. Fungus loves moisture and will latch onto surfaces with potential water damage to expand. 

The Stench

Have you ever entered a room and been blasted in the face by a heavy, musky odor? That is an almost sure-fire sign of mold and mildew – which, in turn, means there is water where there shouldn’t be! Since water damage can be difficult to observe visually, catching a strong whiff of mold is often a good way to tell that there is potential damage.

Sudden Increase in Utility Bills

Utility bills, for the most part, are pretty consistent. There will be minor fluctuations here and there but they remain within the same ballpark. If you have noticed a sudden upwards spike – and your usage has remained the same – that is a sign that a leak exists. Catch it before it does more damage to your house and wallet! 

Now that you have discovered the water damage, it is time to fix it! Here are tips on how to do that.

Clean Your Gutters!

This isn’t a glamorous job. No one wants to spend their weekend sweating away over their gutters trying to make them glisten. However, unmanaged overflow can cause damage to the foundations of the house and that is when things get really bad. Make sure that the downspouts are clean so water can easily flow through! 

Check Your Appliances

One of the easiest ways to prevent water damage is to simply conduct regular checks of your appliances to make sure they aren’t leaking all over the place. A little maintenance goes a long way!

Be Mindful of What Goes Down Your Drain

If grease, fat, and oil find themselves going down the drain, they are going to cause a lot of trouble. Fat and oil build up over time causing blockages and back-ups. This isn’t just limited to fat and oil either; sometimes we get lazy and throw things down the drain instead of disposing of them in the proper manner. Doing this, though, will cause major headaches in the future because of the inevitable damage that follows. Dispose of things properly! 

Landscape with Purpose

Not all water damage will be on the inside of the house – in fact, most of it will be in the area most exposed to the environment. Especially with spring in full flow, it is important to take precautions for the outside of the house. A great way to prevent water damage is by making sure water is being diverted way from the home in a natural fashion – using slopes and shrubbery to get the job done. This way your house will look fabulous whilst also being purposeful! 

Ultimately, water damage is something that cannot always be prevented. This is why home insurance is so important – it is crucial to have that safety net. If you want to make sure your home is covered properly and that you are safe from water damage, contact one of our brokers today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simply call us at 905-696-9090. Let us take your future headaches away. 

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