Human Resources Trends for 2019

Human Resources Trends for 2019

Emerging Issues

Legalization of Cannabis

The legalization of Cannabis in October 2018 has been an ongoing issue therefore creating the need to address some foundational issues in workplace policy and practice. Based on a recent study, 52% of HR leaders indicated they plan to update substance abuse policies to manage cannabis in the workplace at some point over the next 12 to 18 months. 34% of respondents said they already have these policies in place. 

Increasing Health Costs

Many organizations are concerned about the increasing costs of drugs that are jeopardizing their benefit plans. Investing in employees with health problems in order to help them improve or better manage their health condition and avoid future expenses seems to be a low priority for organizations. 

#MeToo movement

The growing #MeToo movement navigating issues around sexual misconduct in the workplace has been another emerging issue. The majority of employers have existing processes in place to address these concerns. Almost all HR leaders said they currently have zero tolerance policies implemented to address workplace harassment. 

Optimizing retirement plans

HR leaders continue to cite concerns about their employees’ financial preparedness in retirement (73 per cent) and nearly one-third (32 per cent) are concerned with their employees’ level of understanding of the decumulation process in retirement and how they will manage it.

HR Priorities for 2019

Improving employee engagement

Looking to 2019, more than two thirds of HR leaders (67 per cent) said that improving employee engagement was a top priority, while 59 per cent identified attracting and retaining employees with the right skills as the top priority. This remains unchanged from the previous year. 

Improving mental health of employees

Improving the mental health of employees inched above the physical health/wellness of employees as one of the top five priorities in the coming year. This movement is not surprising given the increase in awareness of the relationship between employee mental health and business objectives. 

Employee turnover

When looking at tactics to reduce organizational costs and improve efficiency, close to half of HR leaders said that the reducing employee turnover was a top priority for 2019, surpassing streamlined administration of HR programs and reducing short-term disability costs, which were the top two priorities cited last year. 

The focus on engagement, attracting and retaining employees and reducing turnover demonstrated a strong link to a tight labour market. It is important that organizations determine the factors that are keeping employees engaged and committed to their organizations. 

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Source: Morneau Sheppell


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