Most Common Workplace Accidents on Construction Sites

Most Common Workplace Accidents on Construction Sites

Workplace injuries and fatalities on construction sites are growing at an alarming rate in Canada. Below are some suggestions on how to prevent these incidents to protect your business and your employees.

1. Slips, trips and falls
Attention to detail and proper maintenance is the most important step to avoiding these hazards. Make sure to promptly clean up spills and use signs to indicate wet areas. Always ensure that work areas are free of any tripping hazards. It is also important to make sure that your employees are always wearing properly fitted footwear and anti-slip soles. 

2. Falls from heights
Properly maintain equipment such as scaffolding, platforms and ladders, and ensure that your employees are properly trained on how to use them correctly. Physical barriers such as guardrails should be installed as well. 

3. Struck by moving vehicles
Employees should avoid operating vehicles in reverse, or reverse alarms should be used to ensure safety. Signals and warning/detection systems should be used in high traffic areas to warn other workers.

4. Hit by flying or falling objects
It is crucial that exclusion zones are created, particularly when large objects are being moved. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including eyewear and hard hats can save lives. Toe boards, debris nets and just overall properly securing items when working at heights can also help to avoid any accidents. 

5. Electrocution
Electrical injuries occur less often on work sites, but they are the most fatal. To avoid this, avoid storing equipment and machinery under power lines. Warning signs should be used and posted and should be visible at night and through all weather conditions. Having a signal person present when moving equipment around power lines can also help prevent accidents. PPE for employees working around electricity should be used. 

Preventing any accidents in your work site should always be your first line of defense. But in the event of accidents, your second line of defense is to ensure that you and your business are properly protected with the right insurance coverage. For more information or to speak with your broker, call us today at 905-696-9090 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Source: Aviva 


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