Pandemic Scams To Watch Out For

Pandemic Scams To Watch Out For

No matter what happens around us – be it a global pandemic or the apocalypse itself – you can be sure that there will be a group of people looking to take advantage of you. Covid-19 has been no different.

Though the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security states that they have taken down an abundance of fake government websites, emails, and notification apps designed to dupe unsuspecting people into handing over sensitive information; data still suggests that a startling amount of Canadians continue to fall prey of these scams.

So, how do these scams work?

Evan Koronewski, a spokesperson from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, stated that these fraudulent websites and apps “deliver fake COVID-19 exposure notification applications, designed to install malware on users’ devices.”

The malware installed then steals critical personal information and money from the unsuspecting user.

“This work continues each and every day as we identify and remove more of these fraudulent domains,” continued Koronewski. Some of these fraudulent domains include fake Public Health Agency of Canada and Canada Revenue Agency.

Data suggests that a significant amount of Canadians fell victim to scams such as these – with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre finding 8,583 Canadians were affected.

Beyond the ransomware and identity theft attacks, the scams also involve tricking people into buying fake vaccines and test kits. As of present day, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre estimates that over $7 million worth of damage has been done.

To avoid these scams, make sure to verify every website and app you visit – and avoid following links from third-party sites. In order to make sure you are protected, contact one of our licensed experts today at 905-696-9090 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Source: Insurance Business Canada

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