Summer Cottage Tips

Summer Cottage Tips


It’s time to get excited – beach and campfire season is here. Every summer, tens of thousands of Canadians make their way to their cottages to soak in the rays and bask in the sunshine. However, with a lot of these properties not having been used in months, there are some steps that need to be taken to make sure you spend your time relaxing and not paying bills!


Give Your Cottage a Once-Over

The best way to avoid unnecessary damage and bills is to conduct a thorough inspection before you begin your holiday. This can sometimes get lost in the excitement of visiting the cottage for the first time in months but it is such a crucial aspect of upkeep. It is always a good idea to do a round of the property before going inside to make sure there are no broken windows, damage caused by critters, signs of vandalism, or anything else that may seem out of the ordinary.

Moreover, it is important to check the roof as well. It was a harsh winter and that will mean there was an increased likelihood of weather-related damage. Look for spots where the roof may have caved in or sustained structural damage – problems that can become major headaches very quickly. Whilst it’s alright to do small repairs yourself, get the professionals in for the bigger projects so you know for sure the roof won’t fall in mid-sleep!


Turn on the Water!

We have mentioned in a previous blog before that, when leaving a cottage unattended, it is important to turn off the water – especially during the winter months – to make sure the pipes don’t freeze and cause avoidable damage. Now upon your return, it is time to turn it on; however, it sometimes isn’t as simple as that. Before you turn on the water, open a cold water faucet and turn on the main valve. Let the water run for a few minutes and then close it to make sure everything is in order. If your water pump draws directly from a lake, you will need to consult a professional in order to make sure you’re doing everything correctly!

On the topic of water, we have written before about signs of water damage. No matter what precautions you may take, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes water damage can still sneak through. The cottage will have to be aired out regardless if it has been closed for a few months – but it is always important to check for signs of water damage while you’re at it. Look for mildew or mold growth, check all the window frames once you open up the windows, and pay attention to any areas where the stale, musky smell continues to linger.


Make Sure You’re Covered

Whether you are a first-time cottage owner or a returning vet, there are always changes that occur in the year before. Cottage-goers will often return with new toys – boats, ATVs, you name it – and that can mean alterations in your seasonal property insurance. Maybe this year you decide to rent out your cottage for the first time, or maybe you are renting a cottage for the first time; it is always smart to contact your broker and make sure you have proper coverage so that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday – one that you deserve!

Cottages have their own personalities and quirks – it’s rare to ever find two that behave alike. Whether you are a first time or long-time owner, taking these precautions will save you a fortune down the line. Contact one of our brokers today to inquire about seasonal property insurance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 905-696-9090.



Source: Economical.


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