Why Pandemic Pods Aren't The Answer

Why Pandemic Pods Aren't The Answer

With the country slowly returning back to normal, schools are beginning to open up; however, this news isn’t welcomed by all sections of the population. Parents who fear for the safety of their kids in schools have decided to set up “Pandemic Pods” – environments to homeschool small groups of children.

The issue is, though, that this is not safe.

If a parent decides to turn their home into a Pandemic Pod, and someone in that pod contracts COVID-19, then that leaves the homeowners open to being sued as a typical homeowners policy does not cover that liability.

Kate Dangerfield of Global News reported that a Pandemic Pod “involves inviting a small group of children – a pod – into the house to learn together.” (Canadian Underwriter) She further states that “The parents, on rotation, can educate the children, or they can pool together funds to hire a tutor or teacher.”

Groups have been popping up all over Facebook to promote this initiative – with one such group called Learning Pods Ontario Facebook being established to “to find like-minded families who may not be comfortable sending their children to school and are looking for other options.” (Canadian Underwriter, Global News)

A typical homeowners policy has specific exclusions for the transmission of any communicable disease – with many now suggesting that COVID-19 would fall under this category.

In fact, the World Health Organization is also promoting a risk-based approach on any gatherings inside a household. In a recent Q&A hosted by the WHO, they stated that “Any decision to hold an event during the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter how large or small, should rely on a risk-based approach”, further adding that “This Q&A is focused on small, non-professional gatherings and events (i.e. birthday parties, children’s football games, family occasions). Precautions to consider include actions to prevent transmission between people, and where to hold the venue, and how it can be modified to make a safer environment. Canceling a planned event is an option that should always be considered, especially in case of non-essential events or when precautions cannot be implemented or adequately communicated.”

Ultimately, though some parents may believe that creating a Pandemic Pod is the safer option, all data suggests that it is not. Not only does it leave children and adults exposed to the virus, but it also exposes house owners to legal risks.

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